Unconventional Emergency Response

Osprey Tactical was founded on the basic idea of this class. Preparing yourself to succeed.  Whether you are a teacher, student, work in an office or on the street, today's world is filled with crisis and threats.  Do not be the next victim.  This course is custom designed specifically to the environment you are in.  We work directly with you and your fellow co-workers in your place of business.  We will look at the lay out of your school, office, etc. and establish an emergency action plan for you.  We will discuss common threats, risk assessment, threat mitigation, look at case studies, how to deal with first responders when they arrive, and review real world scenarios.  You will run through scenario based training and participate in a round table discussion.  This course will take you A through Y on how to better prepare yourself in your daily life for when an event (Z) happens. 

Practical Women's Self Defense

Our Women's Self Defense course is designed for your every day life.  This is a practical course covering everything from an in-depth look at the way the brain and body function in times of stress and threat sense, to becoming more self aware, prepared and how to mitigate and avoid situations.  We will also exercise basic techniques and movements.  You will work with a partner in practical scenario based exercises and also learn basic practical first aid and stop the bleed training.