Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL)

Unless otherwise exempt, as of October 1, 2013, a Maryland resident must possess a valid Handgun Qualification License before he/she may purchase, rent, or receive a handgun.  This course satisfies the required 4 hour training for new purchasers in Maryland.  Certain exceptions apply.  This is a classroom taught course and covers pistol knowledge and operation, pistol action types, rules for the safe handling and use of a handgun, a brief overview and introduction into Maryland firearms laws, how to select your first pistol, and maintenance and storage.

Basic Pistol

The Basic Pistol course is designed for the entry level shooter.  It can be taken as a per-cursor to the HQL course as a familiarization to firearms, but is also for those who just purchased their new firearm and are looking to become familiar with it.  This is also a great class for someone who is new to, or looking to get into firearms but is not ready to commit to the HQL process.  This is a classroom taught course and covers the basic fundamentals of marksmanship, stance, technique,an introduction to the "combat mindset", basic handling of malfunctions and safety.  As well as maintenance and cleaning of your firearm.  Included in the course is familiarization range time with a certified instructor where the new shooter will start to become more comfortable with the use of the firearm. This course can also be taken as a one-on-one course if you want to test out a few different pistols before you make your purchase or need help and/or questions answered about the buying process, 

Dynamic Pistol

The Dynamic Pistol course is designed for intermediate shooters, but also to advanced shooters looking to get back to and work on basics.  The Dynamic Pistol course focuses on firing fundamentals, drawing from the holster, malfunction drills, reloads, stagnant turning, shooting from the kneeling and prone.  Also discussed is the use of cover and concealment, barricades, and an introduction to low light/no light and flashlights.

Advanced Pistol

The advanced course is designed as a fast paced course for high level shooters.  Along with an overview of lessons learned from the Dynamic Pistol course, this course includes shooting while on the move, directional shooting, single handed reloads, single handed malfunction drills, and stop the bleed and tourniquet application. It can also include low light/no light situations, and use of a flashlight.

Basic Rifle

Just like the Basic Pistol course, this is designed as an entry level long gun course.   This is a classroom taught course where you will become familiar with the different types of rifles, fundamentals of marksmanship, different shooting positions, safety, proper handling, storage, and cleaning.  Also included is a familiarization course of fire.

Dynamic Carbine

The Dynamic Carbine Course primarily focuses on the AR-5/M-4 platform, but similar style firearms are also welcome.  Shooters will re-familiarize themselves with the basics. of marksmanship and handling, engage multiple targets, shoot from multiple positions and stances, discuss and engage in reloading and malfunction techniques, shooting and moving, and the use of cover and concealment.

Advanced Rifle

The Advanced Rifle course is the culmination of everything learned through the pistol and rifle courses.  This is a fast paced course designed to solidify knowledge and technique.  Transitions from rifle to pistol, pistol to rifle, reload and malfunction drills, engaging multiple targets on the move from multiple positions, low light/no light shooting and how to work in small teams.  Also discussed will be how to effectively set up your external vest and/or duty belt and how to decide what is the best set up for your rifle.  This course also includes a Stop The Bleed course going over use of tourniquets and other medical techniques.  


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